How to start your IVF journey?

1. Be sure that you have marriage certificate and passport before you start your IVF process, and then ask our nurses to order all the essential tests for you. For female patients, the tests include blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray, vagina secretion inspection. And for male patients, the tests include blood tests and semen tests.
2. If you have any questions about your test results or your IVF process, you can ask our nurses and our doctors for help.3.Before you start your IVF journey, we recommend you to take the ‘IVF classes’, which were held every Saturday afternoon.4. Be sure that your names on all your documents including your passport, marriage certificate, medical card and test results are the same.5. Create IVF medical account. You need to take your passport, marriage certificate and test results (original files and copies) to our clinic on the day you are going to create your IVF medical account. Both husband and wife need to come. And please notice that we create IVF medical accounts only on workdays.

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